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Shannon Brown, Redefining Killer in Killer Whale

Kody Clark, Fahrenheit 451’s Dystopian Reality

Lindsey Cohen, Marketing in the Grey Area

Cassidy Crawford, Body Positive or Body Shaming?

Sarah Ripley Forsyth, A Story of Starvation

Kaylynn Hanna, The Wonderful Wizarding World

Jihad Holmes, Where Does It End?

Alexandria Miller, A Transfer of Consciousness

Marissa Norris, Investigating Ambiguity

Zac Olsen, Harry Potter: Sexism or Over-Analyzing?

Sofia Romero, Mirroring in Frankenstein

Rachel Rosen, A “Beautiful” Suicide

Justin Rosenberg, We Create Our Own Destiny

Caila Scarpitti, Who Was Harry Potter Written For?

Joe Schwab, Digital Communication: With ‘Friends’

Tiffany Sewell, Blackfish: Whale Tales or Truth?

Laura Statts, The Analysis of Fear

Casey Stum, Violence in the Wool Industry

Liam Sullivan, Hitchens’ Claim

Toan Tran, Saving Private Ryan: Anti-War or Pro-War?


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