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p8: Digitizing Essay Two

Using Digital Affordances: Some Examples

Posting to Medium

Digitizing Essay Two

Trade essays with a partner. Read through your partner’s piece looking for points where she or he might “digitize” their essay through adding a:

  • Hyperlink
  • Image
  • Video clip
  • Audio clip

Mark these possible additions in the margin or on another piece of paper. Try to make it as clear as you can what you think the author might do. (For instance, “add image from the ad campaign here”, or “insert link to critic’s essay here”.) Try to suggest at least five items the author might add to her or his essay.

Once you get your essay back, open up your laptop and do some googling to see if you can make the additions your reader has suggested.

To Do

  1. Tues, 5/17, class: Post your digitized Essay Two to Medium. Email me the link. Bring your laptop with you for our arcade..

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